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Whether your students require school uniforms or college uniforms, let our experienced team help you put your design ideas into place.

We will work closely with a uniform committee, school staff and with your school uniform shop manager to ensure you achieve just the right look for your school or college. We will help you to design a uniform that everyone’s happy with.

We can supply ranges that are “off the shelf” or we can “custom manufacture” - either way your students will look great !

Choose from our large range of polo shirts, dresses, skirts, hooded tops, final year tops, shirts, blouses, jackets, blazers, pants, shorts, bags, caps, hats and special make senior tops. We can also co-ordinate your sports uniforms to achieve a unique look on the sporting field.

Please call us and talk to someone who understands what a school or college needs in a uniform. With over 40 years experience in schoolwear, we will be happy to help.